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A happier way to build software


Selling the project

Initially it is flowers, rainbows, and unicorns. All the features you want plus more are promised. The latest technology will be used, and cool programmers are going to hack a website together super fast.

Nothing but invoices

Weeks pass, and you still don't have a web application or design or anything except large $$$ invoices. And when you call, you get the runaround and more promises.

Behind schedule, over budget

When you finally get to see the web app, it is way behind where you thought it was, the features don't work the way you discussed, and surprise, surprise, the project is over-budget. When you ask for changes, they ask for more money.

No money, no app, only anger

And now, things are ugly. You are out lots of money and don't have anything to show for it. Do they care? Nope. They have already moved on to another client. Congratulations, you have just been part of the normal way software is built.


Building the relationship

There is no technology that can fix a bad client relationship. So instead of focusing on technology, I focus on the relationship. I want you as a client for life.

A website from day 1

From day 1, you will always have a website to look at, to touch, to click through. Continuous development and delivery results in a project that is constantly updating with the features you most desire.

You always know what is being worked on

Continuous communication means I work on what is most important and can change priorities at any time. There is no mystery to what I am working on and where your money is going.

No games. No gimmicks. Just results.

The result? Clients are happy. I am happy. Projects are successful. When you are part of building software this way, there is no going back.


Big firms will charge outrageous rates and burn through your money like a forest fire. They have enormous overhead (which you are paying for) and have limited time to talk with you.

Instead of a raging fire burning through your money, I am a Bunsen burner. You control the burn rate and focus the work on the most important features.

The method is simple: No lump sums. No long-term contracts. You pay as I develop.

Constant Communication

Through constant communication, we can focus on important features and not waste your important time and money.

Fast Continuous Delivery

Your project is worked on continuously and is updated on a regular basis. Touch, feel, and click through your application as it is being built.

Repeatable Results

Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. Year by year. We build upon our past successes and steadily make today better than yesterday.

Happiness All Around

Great communication and collaboration results in a happy relationship. Happy relationships result in successful software projects.

A bit more about me: JB

15+ years of experience

Programming is a life-long passion and continues to be an exciting part of every day. I am a programmer, and I love building software.

Community Leadership

I help teach developers and help build the community. This means I know the latest technologies, trends, people, and tools to deliver the best results.

What others are saying...

JB is a talented, experienced programmer that focuses on understanding the role of technology in the client's business.

Benjamin Lipson, CEO, Sports Tradex

JB is instantly likable, an amazing communicator, and pure awesome-sauce. His passion for technology and sharing it patiently makes him an immediate asset to any project or team.

Amanda Shih, lead developer, 2nd MD

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